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When it comes to initiating a new business, be it a tiny or large enterprise, implementing a proficient marketing strategy is indispensable. Branding has the potential to create an impactful reach to a vast number of people and establish your product to be globally prominent. A corporation’s, business’s, or institution’s emblem or logo is now a focal point and identity of the company. Professional and adequate logos can certainly assist a business get notoriety and commercial success.

While brand building, you must create a logo design that serves as the corporation’s identity and be acknowledged by people all over the world. A significant proportion of well-known transnational tech firms have distinctive logo designs that are instantly recognizable. Whenever anyone sees their emblem, they spontaneously recognize the corporation or brand.

‘Abstract’ or ‘Text’ Logos are the two most frequently adopted styles of logo design. If you contact a professional logo agency to design your logo and assist with branding and promotion, you will indeed be able to enhance and establish a name for your business and attract more customers. Nearly every single major corporation employs both text and abstract logos.

Now comes the question: determining which logo design should be employed to personify showcase your brand. Either of the logos can be advantageous and valuable to your business, but you should take into account what each logo signifies or illustrates and which one will adequately meet your professional and commercial requirements.

What Do Abstract Logo designs Mean?

When it comes to abstract logos, they are not the same as text logos. A graphic symbol or iconography is used to personify your enterprise rather than just your company title or name.

Abstract logos now tend to captivate clients more because each organization has its own abstract logo with a deep significance.

Plenty of renowned brands, such as Twitter, PayPal, Gucci, Rolex and others, use abstract logos. Abstract logos remind people of their company logo all the time, whilst Text Logos do not.

People could, for example, be obsessed with deciphering the meaning of why the apple in Apple’s logo is a little snipped from one side. Various Abstract Logos can be interpreted in a variety of ways, which can keep a person contemplating for a long time.

Text Logo design – What Are They?

Text logo designs are a simple concept to grasp. The name or title of your company is included in the logo, which draws in prospective clients. Numerous distinguished corporations, such as Google, Acer, Canon, EBay, FedEx and others, have text logos with their business names prominently displayed.

Naturally, logos may be created or designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the font of your company’s name can be customized to appeal to the target demographic.

Now, when a brand becomes more familiar, its logo will stick out even more, and the primary goal of a text logo design is to gain instant acknowledgment. Text logos are straightforward in their appearance and presentation to the public.

Unless it’s a difficult-to-pronounce name, people can readily retain or recall the brand’s name. Since the logo depicts the business name itself, the viewer does not need to delve or probe into its meaning and can just admire its grandeur.


To sum it all up, it is not up to us to judge which of the two logo styles is superior; instead, it really is up to the consumer who prefers and adopts it. Whichever logo is optimal for your brand tends to depend on its criteria and attributes. Both logos, in all actuality and fairness, are pretty distinct from each other, but they serve a relatively similar objective. Both can be utilized to improve sales and expand customer base.

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