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Consumers in both the developed and developing countries are adopting E-commerce as an eminent technique for shopping across the globe. Investment opportunities in this sector have increased in the recent years since E-commerce sales have skyrocketed, offering colossal returns. All of this is owing to the fact that online shopping is far more convenient and has given an amazing taste of all the wide spread possibilities of E-trade to people from all spheres of life.

Fast rising demand for online shopping has brought about the establishment of innumerable Web Development platforms, each having their own distinctive features uniqueness. This post will take a quick yet conclusive look at some of the most broadly used E-commerce Web Development platforms, being used by millions of E-stores domestically and internationally.

Woo Commerce;

This platform is everything you need to start selling online. Primarily it’s a Word Press Plugin, convenient and easy to use with numerous alternatives for customization. Woo Commerce capacitates and powers approximately 35% of online stores across the globe along with being the perfect platform for monitoring your store’s performance and efficiency. Mainly some of the unique features of Woo Commerce include the following services;

  • Inventory and Catalog Management
  • SEO Services
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • Mobile-friendly Shopping

Utilizing these features along with many others, you can begin a new E-store and get channelized and secure payments.


This is one of the most globally renowned E-commerce platforms accommodating different types and sizes of businesses and E-trade on a large scale. On account of the platform’s flexibility and user-friendliness, you can simply and timely locate customers and manage your day-to-day E-commerce operations. Shopify offers countless listings of unlimited products along with personalization, with more than 2000 Apps for smart devices. Contradictory to most other platforms, Shopify provides its own dedicated servers for its users to host websites on.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy the 14-day free trail for trying out features and services. The best feature is that it can be used both Online and Offline. Payment Gateways incorporated are also quite diverse, for example Cash on Delivery (COD), PayPal, Bank deposits and much more. Some other features include Unlimited File Storage, Blog Options, Social Media Integration, Daily back-ups and more.


This we development platform comprises of more than 250,000 E-stores, generating more than $40 Billion in online trade per annum. Due to its scalability, responsiveness and adaptability, Magento ranks among the top 10k E-commerce websites for web development and design. Magento’s marketing and mobile-friendly purchasing instruments make it convenient for consumers to shop.

Features such as Integrated Checkout, Direct Purchase, Inventory and Catalog Management etc. further enhance the shopping experience for consumers. Moreover, the availability of predesigned templates gives for more professional and efficient customization to users in their own way. If you are looking to create your own Web Design and theme, Magento is ideal.

Customers find this platform the one with the most variety and options to customize along with easy approachability for everyone. . Magento also offers a Cloud-hosted solution. Small or new enterprises in particular give preference to this platform for Web Development and E-commerce solutions in contrast to others since the customer is not charged for Transactions or Software Downloads.

Big Commerce;

Since its existence, Big Commerce has been one of the most reputable and distinguished E-commerce platforms and web design and development solution. Working with corporate clients like Camelbak and Toyota, Big Commerce has achieved high fame and appreciation along the way.

This platform stands out as being one of the easiest to use, offering a broad spectrum of worthy options and features. This platform is SEO friendly, does not charge any transaction fee or has any maintenance cost.

50.000 E-stores are being supported on this platform and are accessible for use to everyone, be it developers or people with no prior experience with this industry, namely web development and design.

Discounts and vouchers are regularly provided. Furthermore, multiple analytic instruments and tools are available for users in order to generate actionable reports and Performa.


Salesforce provides you with a malleable, adaptive and scalable platform for web development to start your own E-commerce business store. It is acclaimed for being one of the most distinguished and perfect CRM Software. This platform offers the best E-commerce integration platform for all types of online stores and E-trade. Main features include but are not limited to the following;

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Workflows
  • App Exchange
  • Inventory Management


Among the numerous web development solution options, this is the most affordable platform for people across the globe. In terms of creating your own E-store, Volusion is a very good E-commerce and web development solution.

You can have a 2-weeks trial for free before you decide to use this unrivalled and acclaimed software for your business. Moreover, this will only cost you $15 per month, with no transaction fee or other charges.

Volusion has a support assistance system 24/7 which enables quick technical and general solutions to problems faced by the customer. This web development platform has multiple Social Media options for you to display, share or sell categories of products.

In addition to this, you have the availability of some unique and effective marketing features. Intuitive Interface and Responsive Design helps many E-commerce business owners achieve high milestones timely and with ease.


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